Cosy Sci Fi Thrillers

  • Serqet Chapter 1: A Secret, An Attack, and a Failure
    by N. A. Fulton on April 8, 2020

    Is anything worth fighting for? Anything worth dying for? Eddie Maxwell thinks so. He's the most unlikely terrorist you can imagine, but it turns out the technology he's engineered is a weapon that will turn the world upside down. Sadly for Eddie, there are folks who like the world the way it is, and they are happy to kill to keep it that way. SoundFX and Music Licensed from

  • Serqet Chapter 2: Blood Will Tell
    by N. A. Fulton on April 9, 2020

    What can you do with crazy people except leave them behind and get on with your life? That's been Richard Copernicus Maxwell's solution for longer than he'd like to admit. But the past has a way of catching up with you, and in this episode Richard finds out that the family he discarded is about to become very much a part of his future.

  • Serqet Chapter 3: What Sets Us Apart Makes Us the Same
    by N. A. Fulton on April 12, 2020

    Richard and Paige take up the threads of their old life only to find Eddie reaching out from the grave to solve a mystery. His message, and his unsettling gift, will change their lives forever. In this episode Paige begins to learn what made Richard and Eddie unique, and starts to uncover the tragedy that set them apart.

  • Serqet Chapter Four: In the Belly of Eddie's Beast
    by N. A. Fulton on April 14, 2020

    Richard never wanted anything to do with Eddie's work while he was alive, but now that he's dead Richard feels compelled to heed his message from the grave. Who killed Eddie and why? Richard soon discovers a secret he doesn't understand that others will happily kill to know. SoundFX and Music Licensed from

  • Serqet Chapter 5: Not Everyone Wanted Him Dead
    by N. A. Fulton on April 25, 2020

    Richard, Paige, and Oscar are on the run, and their only hope is finding out what Eddie refused to sell his killers so they can use it to barter for their lives. But getting answers means diving into a world Richard swore he wanted no part of, and talking to Eddie's friends and co-conspirators who have no reason at all to help. Sometimes having a brilliant brother isn't all it's cracked up to be. SoundFX and Music Licensed from

  • Serqet Chapter 6: And Wasn't Eddie Just Full of Surprises
    by N. A. Fulton on April 27, 2020

    Eddie lived his life on the margins, made deals with the most dangerous of men with the best of intentions, and now Richard and Paige have been captured by his madness. The only bargaining chip Richard has is the technology Eddie died for. But where is it? What is it? Was he really making a bomb? Richard will put everything on the line to save his wife, his brother's best friend, and himself from Eddie's dire fate.